Simple Ways To Lose Weight

Ten Simple Ways to Lose Weight
There really are plenty of simple ways to lose weight for those willing to make a couple of minor changes to their lifestyle and stop looking for some miracle or quick fix to dropping weight. Weve compiled ten very simple ways to lose weight that you can try right now.
1.Cut your sugar intake in half by cutting back on the amount of sugar used in coffee, tea, and cooking. Avoid sodas which can have close to 20 teaspoons of sugar per can! Try a natural sugar substitute like Stevia or even honey which can be used in drinks and baking.
2.Reduce your salt intake which can lead to water retention, bloating and wreak havoc on your blood pressure. Try new spices to add flavour to food without salt or try a salt substitute. *Note: salt substitutes are not recommended for those with known heart problems because of the amount of potassium they contain.
3.Wear a pedometer to count the steps you take. While we could simply tell you to walk more; wearing a pedometer has been shown to encourage people to walk more throughout the day. Its motivating to see how many steps a day you already take and how easy it is to walk more. And walking is one of the simplest ways to lose weight.
4.Keep a food journal. If you wonder just where all of your excess weight is coming from, writing down everything you put in your mouth can be a real eye-opener and the first step in making the changes to your diet necessary for losing weight.
5.Change all of your white foods to brown. This means swapping out your white sugar, bread, pasta and rice for raw sugar or a substitute, whole grain breads, whole grain pasta, and brown rice.
6.Drink more water to help you feel full longer so you eat less. Its good for weight loss and better health overall.
7.Make a weight loss pact with someone else. Youre a lot more likely to stay on track with your weight loss goal if you have the support and motivation from a diet buddy.
8.Use smaller plates to help you control your portion size. Plate sizes have grown right alongside portion sizes. Using a smaller plate makes portion control a lot easier because you can still fill up your plate but without doing it with an excessive amount of food.
9.Read all of the labels on the food you buy. Its not just the calories that you should consider but also factors like the amount of sugars, fats and sodiumall of which make you fat. The proper suggested serving size is also listed which can be a real eye-opener when compared to what you thought was a proper serving size.
10.Eat slowly. Your brain takes 20 minutes from your first bite to start giving you the signal that youre getting full. By eating slow youll feel full with less food. This is one of the best of the simple ways to lose weight and get to really enjoy your meal at the same time.

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