Clean Eating

       Clean Eating and its benefits


The best way to lose weight and eat healthy is clean eating. It is the easiest way too, in which one does not have to stress out on how much calories one has taken, how much carbohydrates he can take in a day or he has over eaten or not. The basic principle of clean eating is to just know the origin of the food. It is about only eating natural foods or “whole” foods that has been taken from the nature. It is also about avoiding food that are processed or refined. Clean eating is one of the biggest challenge in this era, but once a person develops the habit to eat clean then he has the best health.

Ways to Eat Clean:


Processed Food

  • Avoiding Processed food:

The food that has been processed or refined should be completely removed from the diet. The processed food has too much concentration of salt, sugar, sodium and artificial flavors that are not good for our health and body. Sodium has so much poor effects on our bodies. It is the cause of heart disease and hyper tension and hence it should be avoided. The processed food like chips and cereals have high concentration. This includes: beverages, breakfast cereals, refined bread, pasta, applesauce and fruit jams.


  • Eat Whole Foods:

As we have avoided processed food then we need to move to whole food that are closest to their natural form. This includes all the vegetables, fruit and meat. So, buy whole chicken and not chicken nuggets and buy the beef and not the frozen meatballs.


Fruit and Vegetable

  •  Fruit and Vegetables:

Eating Fruit and Vegetables are the best option as they are natural. One just has to make sure that they are organic. The fruit and vegetables should consist of 2/3 part of our diet. They should be taken in raw form as it is best for our body. If you will take them in juices, then they will lose fiber and provide more sugar.


Bran Bread

  • Eat Whole Grains:

As we moved to the whole foods then moving to whole grains is must also. One should avoid refined rice, bread or pasta and go for bran bread, brown rice, popcorn or even barley.


  • Drink A lot of Water:

Water is the best and natural drink, and it should be the most important part of clean eating. Water not only quenches our thirst, but it also helps in the body functions and keeping our organs healthy. Drinking a lot of water will not only help us to lose our weight but will also help us to eat less. We should avoid beverages, caffeine, juices and cold drinks.


Clean eating has a lot of benefits on our health. It reduces the risk of cancer, heart diseases, hypertension and diabetes. The person who eat cleans also loses weight in less time. By avoiding sugar, salt and processed food one gets less calories in a day. The skin and hair becomes healthy and great.